ITEC PRO is a start-up which offers the possibility to supply quality products for all professionals without minimum of order by bringing together the online purchases attractive features with offline advantages (showroom to test the products, payment in 60 days). We propose to the buyer best products selection at already negotiated prices with the suppliers. Our site introduces several activities sectors, it can satisfy the various professionals needs, from place equipment to products purchase intended to resale. All products offered for sale are in compliance with regulations and previously tested. It is not necessary any more to consult various specialized sites.


The origin of this project

Everyone knows that the economic context is upset for decades by the low-cost products sourcing made in Asia. However, the decrease of costs does not always benefit to European professionals. Stock up in Asia is risky game (uncertainty on manufacturer reliability, compliance risks) and requiring time as well as treasury (making of bill specifications, purchase by container). We buy all imported product but without for all that improvise us importers.

Observing that with China opening the established manufacturers in Asia won in quality and independence, the project pioneers said to themselves that it should be possible to limit the number of economic intermediaries to shorten the distribution channel and allow so largest professionals number to benefit from less expansive products. E-shopping development allowed this feeling to take shape, at a lower cost, without geographical restrictions.


Importers: guarantee of the conformity

Most of non-specialized online B2B platforms are sites that will link sealers and buyers. Everything is automated, dematerialized, customer services are doing by robots. The E-shopping site appears at best as a moderator. The specialized B2B e-shopping sites are more friendly, often combined with an exhibition space, but by definition their offer limits itself to some activities.

We differ because:

We act as importer and consequently are bound to take care of regulatory framework conformity for the products that we propose in the sale.

We have a multi-sectorial offer: lighting, office equipment, do-it-yourself, decoration… Waited equipment and supplies in B2B are here. But also, we propose products for the garden, house, kitchen, sport, beauty, well-being, innovative products, typically some designed to participants on B2C section.

We expose our products in a show-room so that the customers can touch and test them, then verify if quality / price rate seems justified.

We propose payment terms to which professionals are used (60 days after delivery, discount for cash payment) but from which they benefit very rarely online.

Firmly we are turned to the professionals but we don’t require for all that minimum order. Every legal entity, company, or association having a SIRET number or intracommunity VAT can buy simply on ITEC PRO.

The first difference between ITEC PRO and others online offers is to being carried by the team which weaves real links as well with the suppliers as the professional buyers. We are there to get easy the commercial relation at best, being attentive to needs and expectative of each. Our team does not try to make one-shots, occasional sales. We want to assure qualitative and long-time customer relations, with identified representatives. We don’t put in relation; we are at the heart of the relation, taking carry to efficiency of this one.

With ITEC PRO it is possible to supply in security and tranquillity.


Our development projects

ITEC PRO has for first ambition to be used for largest number possible of European professionals. Which supposes to find attractive products to grow our catalogue, to deliver a significant quantity of qualitative and in compliance products under maximum 5 days, to arrange with suppliers to assure the stocks, prices or set up special offers.

By wishing to satisfy professionals among whom needs and expectations are different, we have to adapt ourselves to changes of distribution models: simply the everyday life of participants who bet on the drop-shipping by developing our logistics solutions, proposing secure payment solutions and diversifying enough to reproduce the offline B2B negotiations flexibility during online purchase.

We intend to develop on the international so that our model business is not only reserved for the exchanges between Asia and Europe but becomes a reference platform in B2B and B2C exchanges whatever is the production or consumption place.


Our team

Our multitasking team is composed about thirty persons based in Luxembourg and France: numerical marketing specialists, buyers, legal experts, designers, engineers, sellers, developers, logisticians, French, German, Belgian, Spanish, Chinese, we combine our competences to make professional purchase as easy as individual purchase.

We are global.

Our multitasking team is based in Luxembourg, Miami, Russia and France

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