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Item sale without any stock, this is possible… Focus on Dropshipping

Dé « Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce where the seller’s website does not have any stock and let the supplier deliver the end customer without his knowledge.  »

Coming from the e-seller’s needs, dropshipping is a booming business model in the USA. With the time, this model is coming more and more in Europe…

Although huge wins for resellers, this principle is not very present in France. As a self-employed person, I am personally surprised by the weak development of this principle…Let’s take advantage of this article in order to focus a bit on dropshipping and understand how it works.


Dropshipping is for you the opportunity to sell without stock management. The products you choose are actually available on your online shop but the stock is always by your supplier…

dropshipping ITEC PRO

1st Advantage : Cash

Since the stock stay by your supplier, you do not have to advance cash as long as you have not sold…You do not have to make any investment, you buy only once you have sold, there is no risk for you !


2nd Advantage : Stock Management

No inventory management, room spare, the stock is managed by your supplier…


3rd Advantage : Delivery

No parcel, you do not have to take care of shipments…You place an order by your supplier who will directly send to our customer the products he has previously ordered…Your customer will not notice anything! Your supplier becomes your logistic partner.


4th Advantage: Size of the offer

Since they do not have to manage any stock, resellers can publish much more products in comparison with the situation if they had to store their products.


For the reseller,

Dropshipping = Security


One has to publish a product on the web and place an order by one’s supplier…Not more…


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