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Chromotherapy: the energy of colours

The chromotherapy is an alternative medicine based on the different colours. The colours have a physical influence, psychological and emotional on each human being. The chromotherapy is based on the use of the different colours to help personal harmonization. The human being is very sensitive to changes of light intensity and his colours, it’s on this receiving and perception sensitivity, associated with the sedative properties or exciting properties of coloured waves that lean on the chromotherapy. Arresting the being in its entirety (physical, emotional, mental, and energetic), the chromotherapy is an « holistic » discipline.


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The colour, it’s simply the light, and nobody can do without. These cells of our body react front of her, or lack of it, that can affect directly our general wellness (physical, emotional, psychic, and spiritual). Our primitive ancestors knew the secrets of colours: for example, the red was the colour of fire which warmed the food, it was also the colour of blood which flow into veins. Therefor the red was representative of life and was so highlighted in art and rites. The colour was used in a natural way, extracted from plants, minerals, or crushed berry to paint walls or caves.

In interior design, the ways and means to associate the colours is the basis of our inside: warm colours to the living room, cold colours to the peace and the rest of chamber. It is the essence of the chromotherapy.

From this principle of responsiveness, some chromo therapists developed a curative chromatic circle according to the human body needs. The chromotherapy is used in a global or local ways. One of the pioneers of this therapy is the Austrian Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) who by publishing in 1878 a work on the principle of the light and the colour, created a sensation with the public opinion and specialized. Steiner will express very early a « inexplicable spiritual reality according to the terms of material world ».

Another precursor of chromotherapy is Théo Gimbel, a German living in the United Kingdom. He has among other things created the Hygeia school for the therapy of colour. Gimbel is mainly known for his spinal diagnostic.

« The patient sign a drawing of its vertebral column. Then every vertebra is radiesthesied to find the adapted colour to the processing. »

In a local way, the chromotherapy is used by projecting light beams on all parts of body to be treated.


From a global point of view, we shall speak about chromotherapy with regard to the ambiance of a room, as well as the wall decoration and furniture, it is possible to accentuate the colours with a specific light such as lamps with variation of colours or lamps of « ambiance ».

Every colour, according to its wave, has its own properties and characteristics which affect their use.

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